"Tailwands" is an enchanting 6-book series that immerses readers in the mystical world of Silmay, a land populated by anthropomorphic animals. As they follow the young mouse, Kaya, they'll experience a journey of self-discovery and courage. Surrounded by a diverse cast of characters including the stalwart Jak, wise Valta, devoted Chad, and enigmatic Simon, Kaya will confront her destiny in a race against time to thwart an ancient prophecy. Intrigue, adventure, and a dash of comedy, coupled with an intricate magic system make "Tailwands" an enchanting and memorable read.

Carpe Noctem

Small-town journalist Chelsea Nobles is thrust into the tumultuous underworld of Las Vegas. Imbued with the ancient powers of a “Scribe” she discovers that amongst the high-stakes hustle of the Strip lies a dark and twisted reality that conceals some of the most terrifying and magnificent creatures typically reserved for the pages of her favorite fiction novels. Chelsea is tasked with documenting the exploits of notorious entrepreneurs Jace and Dante Rivera, owners of “Carpe Noctem,” the most popular nightclub in town. The Rivera brothers, descendants of an ancient vampire Goddess, infuriate the Goblin King and begin a cascading series of events starting with the unleashing of a zombie horde and ending with the summoning of a Prime God, Viktor Frankenstein. A re-defining moment in the mythos of monster stories created by Drew Crowder, writing and art team Martin Dunn and Dee Fish craft a refreshing blast of fresh mayhem for the horror genre.

Souls Eternal

Souls Eternal is a captivating US manga set against the backdrop of the mysterious city of Izanami, Japan. A city haunted by darkness and plagued by monstrous creatures that lurk in the woods and rural landscapes. An unseen force is tearing at the fabric of their world, and the fate of their city, and perhaps all of reality, rests in the hands of four American friends - Kelly, David, Emma, and Jade. After their abrupt relocation to Japan and the tragic death of a family friend, these four friends find themselves bestowed with unexpected magical powers and abilities. But these gifts are a double-edged sword. They discover that the same forces that empower them are also responsible for the corruption and demonic possession of their classmate, Hiro. In Book 1, "The Izanami Children", our heroes are drawn into a battle not just for Hiro's soul, but the very essence of their new home. As they struggle to control and comprehend their powers, they also seek to uncover the truth behind them. Can they rescue Hiro, save Izanami, and reconcile the darkness within their own newfound abilities?The saga concludes with "The Children's War” parts I and II, where our heroes are forced to face a greater evil than they ever imagined. This isn't just a battle for their town anymore - it's a fight for their lives. As they unravel the mystery behind their powers, they confront the darkness within and without, in a desperate bid to save themselves and their world. "Souls Eternal" is a gripping tale of friendship, courage, and the struggle between light and darkness. It's a manga that asks the question: What would you do if you had the power to save the world, but that same power could also destroy it? And who can you trust when your friends may be your deadliest enemies? Dive into the world of "Souls Eternal" and find out!

The Captain and the Witch

In "The Captain and The Witch," Morganna, a tough yet noble Pirate Captain, and Clara, a young witch learning her craft, are thrust together in a quest for survival and treasure after being marooned on the enigmatic Skull Island. Through Morganna's strategic genius and Clara's blossoming magic, they rally their crew, outsmart rival pirates, and follow a trail of riddles and clues towards the hidden bounty. The story takes an unexpected twist when they free a captive from the rival pirate crew, who reveals his childhood abduction and desire for freedom. This unexpected alliance tests their values and bonds, forcing the crew to redefine their ideas of loyalty and kinship. Their journey, brimming with thrilling escapades and daring feats, also showcases Clara's emerging magical abilities and Morganna's compassion behind her hardy exterior. The magic of Skull Island isn't merely for spectacle, as they must respect and preserve its guardian to obtain the treasure. As the story reaches its climax, they discover an astonishing connection to the infamous pirate Captain Black, adding an emotional depth to their thrilling adventure. "The Captain and The Witch" graphic novel creates an immersive world that enchants with its magical realism and excites with its pirate exploits. By exploring themes of courage, personal growth, friendship, and the power of magic, this novel captivates the reader, making it an engaging and compelling read for all ages.

Cloud Riders, The Red Queen, and Skyfire Chronicles

In graphic novel form, Cloud Riders began an epic journey into the four kingdoms of the Cloud Riders, and an epic finale with The Red Queen. In the grand tradition of epic fantasy sagas, "Skyfire Chronicles" is a novel that weaves them all together in an epic tale of lost love and magical enchantment. Nominated for the Russ Manning Award at the San Diego Comic-Con “Eisner Awards,” readers witness kingdoms waging celestial battles, as the tale of Thais unfolds in an enchanting universe filled with magic, bravery, and heart-wrenching twists. Our young heroine grapples with her destiny, learns to harness her mystical abilities, and faces the daunting reality that the Red Queen threatens to plunge their world into darkness. As a visually stunning spectacle, this book explores the vast skies of battles, the intimate rites of power, and the unforgettable moments when friends turn into family, and family becomes the enemy.

Last Call at Hotel Zanzibar

"Last Call at Hotel Zanzibar" is a bittersweet, romantic, and enchanting journey through time and space that explores the beautiful paradox of eternal youth and the longing for shared experiences. It weaves together love, time-travel, and exploration of the cosmos in a captivating and evocative narrative that is both intimate and epic. This captivating tale, replete with fascinating characters from all over the universe, will appeal to fans of "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "Doctor Who". It's a mesmerizing exploration of time, love, and the human desire for connection that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It follows the narrative of a time traveler who, after meeting his future lover Alora in a bar, dedicates his existence to time and space travel. Set in an era where aging is a choice, it takes place in the Hotel Zanzibar, a fascinating refuge for travelers at the end of time and space, where everyone can live in perpetual youth and exploration. He spends hundreds of years on timeless adventures, and eventually reunites with Alora, the woman who initially inspired his journey. As the Last Call, or the end of the universe, draws near, they choose to face it together, exploring the poignant question of what it means to live and love when time no longer holds sway.

The Way of Gen

"The Way of Gen" is a breathtaking reimagining of the creation story that weaves the elemental magic of nature with the love and wisdom of matriarchal divinity. Instead of a universe born of fire and brimstone, we enter a world tenderly sculpted by Gen, a matriarchal goddess whose touch births oceans, ignites stars, and seeds life. Told through the intimate narrative between a grandmother and her grandson, this tale explores themes of equality, respect, and interconnectedness. "The Way of Gen" offers a novel perspective on the story of creation, expertly blending elements of fantasy and spirituality. The captivating storytelling, as performed by Olana, Kaito's wise and magical grandmother, paints an inclusive and vibrant portrait of our universe's beginnings. The themes of interconnectedness, diversity, and reverence for the natural world resonate profoundly, while the colorful, vivid imagery invites readers into a world where every element holds a touch of the divine. The loving relationship between Kaito and his grandmother provides a tender backdrop to the grandeur of Gen's story, grounding it in warmth and authenticity. This story succeeds in making readers reconsider the narratives they've known and invites them to visualize a more inclusive and loving universe.

Station 7 | Earth 2036

"Station 7" is a thrilling and sophisticated sci-fi epic, redefining the genre much like "Interstellar" and "Ex Machina" did in their time. Set in a world where an asteroid has devastated Earth, this narrative unveils an unprecedented conspiracy that questions humanity's future and unravels the truth behind their only hope for survival. A brilliant scientist, a fallen politician, a controversial tech mogul, and an introverted hacker are drawn into the machinations of a secretive organization, embarking on a journey that will change their lives and the fate of humanity forever. "Earth 2036" offers a unique fusion of classic crime-solving drama with a sci-fi twist, in a serialized TV format. Think "Castle" meets "The Expanse." Set in a LifeStation that houses a microcosm of the highest valued people of society, this show follows a famous writer turned unlikely detective solving crimes within the confines of a community with no clear leadership. Each episode delivers a fresh mystery to solve, while also teasing out a larger conspiracy tied to the events of "Station 7". This episodic format provides endless possibilities for engaging and evolving narratives, much like "Sherlock" or "Black Mirror." Our protagonist, Jacob, a man known for his literary genius but living in relative isolation, adds a unique touch to the crime-solving genre. With a rich backstory and complex relationships within the LifeStation, the show promises character-driven storytelling that'll keep viewers coming back for more. "Earth 2036" is set to engage a broad audience, from fans of detective dramas to lovers of complex sci-fi narratives. The combination of crime-solving elements and overarching sci-fi themes will satisfy both those who enjoy procedural storylines and those looking for a deep dive into a meticulously crafted world. In sum, "Earth 2036" is not just another space opera - it's a riveting whodunit set against the backdrop of humanity's struggle for survival in an unforgiving universe.
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